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Available Seats & Categories of Various Programs:
Program Heavily   Subsidized Tution Fee Category(HSTFC) Partially Subsidized Tution Fee Category(PSTFC) Full Tution Fee Category(FTFC)
BE Computer Engineering 06 24 30
BE Electronics & Communication 06 24 30
BCA(Bachelor of ComputerApplication) 03 12 15
BIT(Bachelor of Information Tech.) 03 12 15
MCA(Master of Computer Application) 03 12 15
PGDCA(Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application 03 12 15
 HSTFC for (BE Computer Engg./ Electronics & Communication)
Open Category 03
Dalit 01
Indigenous Nationalities(Janjati) 01
Women 01
Total Seats for each Engg. Program(Nepali Nationals) 06
Open Category 02
Dalit,Indigenous Nationalities(Janjati) 01
Total Seats for each Engg. Program(Nepali Nationals) 03
Selection Criteria
1. Candidates under Heavily Subsidized Tution Fee Category(HSTFC) will be selected purely on the basis of merit of the Admission test,however selection for Dalit,Indegenous Nationalities(janjati) & women group must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to apply under HSTFC.
  a. Candidates from Dalit group as listed in "Hill Tribes & Terai Tribes" by the National Dalit's commission,HMG/N are eligible for the seat alloted to this group.
  b. Candidates from Indegenous nationalities as defined by National Foundation for Development for indegenous nationalities are eligible to applyfor the seat alloted to this group.
  c. Candidates must have passed class 8,9,10 from public school in Nepal.
  d. Candidate's parent(s) or husband of the female candidate should not be holding any of the following post or positions:-
    1) Medical/Veterinary doctor 2) Joint Secretary or above in HMH/N 3) Registered class A/B/C Ccontractor 4)Chair person & member of Industrail & Commercial organization 5)Proprietor of Co-operative Organization 6)Foreign service 7)Mayor/Deputy mayor & chair person of Government sponsored organization 8)chair person,President,General secretary of the registered political parties 9)Member of Parliament 10)General manager,Director,chair person of Government sponsored Organizations 11)Professor 12)Member of Women Council 13) Lawyer/Judge 14)Engineer
    Note:The vacant/unfilled seats for Dalit,Indegenous Nationalities(Janjati) & Women if any will be added to the seats of open Category to the HSTFC.
2. Selection under Partially Subsidized Tuition Fee Category(PSTFC) will get admission according to the merit list.
3. Selection under Full Tuition Fee Category(FTFC) will get admission according to the merit list.
    Note:A Candidate is allowed to apply under only one of the two schemes, HSTFC or PSTFC, if any Candidate is found applying under both schemes, his/her application will be considered only for the PSTFC, however Candidates can apply both in PSTFC & FTFC.
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